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We are excited to announce the long awaited new release of our Store Locator for Joomla!  This includes many updates and bug fixes for all versions of Joomla! with the help of our great community.

Most notably, this release has several enhancements for our international users. You can now specify a base country in which all searches will be biased by.  This will help greatly with postal code ambiguity in countries like Australia and Germany. Alternatively you can also set a custom appended query string to all searches, which can further isolate your search area to a specific region.

The Map can now be set to any Google supported language localization, so all map text will follow your desired language as well.

We are also excited to include support in our Joomla 3.x versions for searching from the users current location.  When browser supported, the location of the user will be obtained with their consent and then be used to search for the nearest locations.

In addition to these great enhancements, many other changes can be found in our changelog.

With now over 5000 installations, don’t just take our word for it, check out the latest version of our Joomla! Maps Locator for your self!



So it comes down to this….  We develop functional, easy to navigate websites for our clients. We put a lot of effort in to making them user friendly and easy to navigate.  So it really irks me when I am browsing the web and come across a site that is either completely lacking in usability, or is such an eye sore that I’d rather close my laptop and walk away than even attempt to figure out what I was looking for.

Today I was looking for something fun to do near by: A festival perhaps or a fun crafts fair.  Well after browsing these sites trying to figure out where to go, I am now more frustrated then ever. These sites look like they were written on MySpace, circa 2003. What’s worse… trying to use them is impossible…

However, one good thing has come of all this;  An outlet for my frustrations, and a place for me to rant and discuss these experiences with other burned web users.

And that brings us to our first and hopefully ongoing posting of the “Worst Website of the Day”!

Worst Website of the DayThe site, or in this case the page for the “40th Annual Long Island Bavarian Festival“.  I can get behind the fact that not everyone is a web developer, or has the slightest grasp of typography or color, but this is just terrible.  That background makes my eyes water in attempting to read whats on the page.  I have no idea what this page says because as soon as I saw it, I closed the window. It may have well been written in German. Let’s get down to some other issues here…  The page has 6 links. The first one is good  (at least they can make a link). The second link (which you really have to strain to even see is a link because it is a blue link on a checkered blue background) goes to a domain parked ad page!  This is a yearly event, and this page was created specifically for this one time. There are only 6 links.  Couldn’t you have checked that they all worked!? Uggh…  I may as well stay home today and write a blog post, rather than visit your festival. I’m sure it would have been a great time, but unfortunately I wouldn’t know it from the “website”.

Perhaps a picture of last years event would be a good start. Perhaps making it on a solid color background would help, or maybe next time you should contact a web designer for their advice. I wont even get started on “The Main Page” and the rest of the site, but lets leave that for a future posting in the “Worst Website of the Day”.

Enjoy your weekend, go out and visit a park, or perhaps a Bavarian Festival…


We are proud to release version 2.1.1 of our Store Locator product line for Joomla! 3.x and version of our Store Locator for Joomla! 2.5 / 1.5.  This release is mostly a bug fix release based on feedback from our forums and support tickets. Some improvements include a fix on Joomla! 3.x for saving a twitter username on a location, improved language support and Unicode character importing, as well as better IE11 stability improvements.


We are very excited to announce the immediate release of our latest Joomla! Store Locator extension.

  • Joomla 3.x – Version 2.1.0
  • Joomla 1.5/2.5 – Version 1.8.3

This release adds the much desired Responsive layout to the Joomla 3.x branch. Now our Store Locator will instantly theme and match to your site’s responsive template and design patterns if  supported by your template.

We also fixed many bugs and accounted for new and interesting use cases thanks to our wonderful forum posters implemented in both versions. Check the change log for additional details.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback!



We just have received final notice of shutdown of Google Maps API v2.

This means that if you are using an older application that uses google’s older API, such as our Store Locator prior to v1.7.0, then you will need to update to ensure continued operation of that application.

Here is the official notice:

As you may be aware, JavaScript Maps API v2 was scheduled for shutdown on May 19, 2013. After listening to feedback from developers we decided to extend the deprecation timeline by six months, to November 19, 2013 to allow more time for migration to v3 of the API.

On November 19, 2013 we will deploy a JavaScript wrapper that attempts to automagically turn remaining v2 maps into v3 maps. Though we expect this wrapper to work for most simple maps, we cannot guarantee that your maps will continue to function. We therefore highly recommend that you migrate to v3 before November 19. The good news is that Google Maps JavaScript API v3 is more robust and feature rich than v2, and we’ve written a guide to assist the migration.


Google Maps API Developer Relations


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