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Archive for September, 2009

Truth on Twitter: No Website, No Business!

Just a quick update, which I meant to write about yesterday but ran out of time.

I’ve been attempting to actually be active with our Twitter account (follow us!) recently for various reasons, and in doing so, I stumbled upon a message from someone I don’t know, and who doesn’t appear to be working directly in the web design industry.

To quote lacefaced:

When a company doesn’t have a website (and myspace doesn’t count), I don’t want to give them my business.

This is the point that I’ve been trying to get across to all of the businesses (and just about everyone else) that I’ve spoken to lately, a point which many simply don’t seem to understand. I’ve heard a lot of excuses, everything from “I don’t have the money right now” (somewhat understandable, given the current economic situation) to “I’m just a small business, I don’t need a website.”

But let’s re-read the quote, just so that it can completely sink in:
When a company doesn’t have a website (and myspace doesn’t count), I don’t want to give them my business.

This is the attitude that’s being adopted by more and more people of all ages. It’s not just the youngsters anymore. It’s not just the 20 somethings that, when they go looking for a company and find either just a MySpace page or nothing at all, simply won’t give that company their business. It’s almost everyone.

Not having a website makes it look like you don’t care about your company. And if you don’t care about your company, how can you care about your product?

Having only a myspace page is like you having your 3 year old niece decorate your storefront with cardboard, crayons, glue, and macaroni noodles.

Businesses need to realize that their situation online is now going to affect their business whether they want it to or not. Even if you aren’t selling on the internet, be sure to have a website for your business, and that it properly reflects your business! Let people know who you are, what your products and services are, when you’re open, and how to contact you!

Ignore the internet at the peril of your business!

Contact me today at nlandis@sysgenmedia.com or (631) 343-2211 to find out how I can help you build the website that will recapture the business that you’re losing without it!

Marketing Your Website: Show Your URL!

Hi folks,

So I spent this Sunday with Matt and Jared at the Cow Harbor Day festival in Northport, NY. This was our first year attending this awesome event, and we had a booth on Main Street, in a prime location both for people to walk by and so that we had a great view of the bovine-themed parade!

Besides the parade, there were games, food, and plenty of vendors with everything from arts and crafts to landscaping displays and even some local politicians showed up.

But it was the vendors that really caught my eye.

We’ve been to a few similar events lately in order to spread the word about our great web development company, and we’ve found that we’ve gotten as much work from the other vendors as we have from the people who attend these events. This makes a certain amount of sense, since the other vendors are pretty much guaranteed to be business owners and potentially have a need for a website.

So, despite the rather gloomy, rainy weather, I took some time out of our booth to go speak with the other vendors. What I found amazed me. Well over half of the vendors who weren’t publicizing their website on their various marketing materials actually has a website!

This just boggles my mind.

These are businesses that have likely paid good money to have a website built for their business (unless they had “The Nephew” build their site for a case of beer [more on this phenomenon in a future post), and yet when I pointed out that their marketing materials didn’t have their website url on it they were generally surprised and hadn’t even thought about it.

It wasn’t even a thought to put their phone number on their cards or their trucks, but they didn’t even consider their website url!

Just because you have a website does not mean that anyone will visit it. Your website is like one really cool tree in the middle of a vast forest. If you want someone to find it, you had better give them some good directions to get there!

Sure, you can pay a company like us to do a Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization campaign for your website (and I recommend that you do!).  And it will be incredibly effective at bringing your site traffic.

But you also need to include your url in all of your marketing materials!

My Sysgen Media Business Card

My Sysgen Media Business Card

Our Current Sysgen Media Marketing Flyer

Our Current Sysgen Media Marketing Flyer

Why wouldn’t you? It’s one more way to bring potential customers to your website!!

Website Enhancement: Image Galleries!

Hi folks,

When visiting a website, which is more interesting:

A website that is almost entirely text-based? A website that is image-rich and visually engaging?



Selective Living

Selective Living

Odds are good you chose the second option. Providing your customers and clients with images so that they can -see- what you do is invaluable. Simple, text-heavy websites just aren’t cutting it anymore. You need to show your clients what it is that you do.

One of the best ways to do this is through an image gallery. The benefits of using an image gallery instead are tremendous. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the power of of having multiple images in one place!

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out some of the image galleries that we’ve developed:


Drink Protegy – Carousel style image gallery on a website we built for a new energy drink company. This style of image gallery is mobile and best for just a few images. The still doesn’t do this gallery justice, make sure to check out their website!

Drink Protegy - Carousel Gallery

Drink Protegy - Carousel Gallery


Selective Living – Gallery style image gallery for a custom cabinetry and woodworking company. This gallery style isn’t quite as flashy as the Carousel style, but are a great way to browse through many images.

Selective Living

Selective Living


Gary and Reina Bronz Painting – Standard style image gallery. While this is just a simple table of images, it’s very easy to implement and easily allows the viewers to see what images are available.

Gary and Reina Bronz Painting

Gary and Reina Bronz Painting


And many, many more! There are hundreds of styles of image galleries out there to choose from. Don’t like what you see here? There are many other options of gallery styles out there.

Give us a call today at (631) 343-2211 or send me an email to nlandis@sysgenmedia.com for more information on how we can help you spice up your website with an Image Gallery!

RePurposed Sysgen Media Blog!

Hi everyone,

Great News! We’ll now be updating the blog every few days. With what you ask? With tips on how to stay on the cutting edge with your website! I’ve been interacting more and more with our clients lately, and the general feeling that I’ve been getting is that they are unaware of how many awesome things that they can do with their website.

So, I’ll be writing here about how to use and improve your websites! The plan is to write an article every few days with articles ranging from a new feature that you could add to your website to a method to drive more traffic to your site to a feature about one of our client’s websites. For example, my first article will be about how adding an image gallery to your site helps you stay on the cutting edge and keep your viewers’ attention.

So keep checking back! I’ll be providing useful tips on how to use and improve your awesome website!

Signing out,