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Archive for August, 2010

Store Locator 1.3.5 Released

Joom!Fish Support now Included with the Joomla Store LocatorSysgen Media is proud to present the latest iteration of our Store Locator product for Joomla! 1.5. With this release the major addition is automatic support for Joom!Fish 2.0. This should round out our product to cater to the International Community which seems to be a large portion of our customer base. Now you can use the Joomla Language files for static text and Joom!Fish for all your database entries thus your entire installation is customizable.

The Store Locator 1.3.5 Installer will automatically install the necessary Joom!Fish content element files upon detection of a Joom!Fish installation. If you install Joom!fish after you have already installed the Store Locator you can simply reinstall the Store Locator or you can use the content element installer we provided for Joom!Fish as a separate download from our site.

We also updated the JavaScript system to be faster and no longer prints out ugly JavaScript in your code. All scripts are now included in a separate generated file.

For more information: Joomla! Store Locator

– Jared Bronz