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Archive for April, 2011

OpenX Single Page Call Module – Now Supports Joomla! 1.6

Hi All,

We have finally updated our FREE module for Joomla: OpenX Single Page Call. OpenX Single Page Call allows you to easily implement your OpenX tags into your Joomla site via a Single Page Call. Instead of making several calls to the ad server for pages with multiple ads, a single call loads the page much faster, without the delays associated with rendering each zone individually.

We added support for Joomla! 1.6. This is our first Joomla! 1.6 Native module and we are very excited to have it out in the market. Please try it out and let us know if you have any suggestions or feature improvements.

Sysgen Media, Joomla Development Team

Image Calendar 1.2.0 Released

Sysgen Media is proud to announce the release of our latest revision of our Image Calendar Component for Joomla 1.5. We know its been a long time coming, and we didn’t want to wait any longer so we made a minor release with some great features.

In this release we have added Forward and Back navigation for the Month view, so that you users can now browse your calendar throughout time and see whats coming in the months ahead. We also added support for User Access levels (Public, Registered, Special) and added support for the Published and Unpublished state of individual calendar events.

Check out the new release here: Image Calendar for Joomla

Stay tuned for another release in the next few weeks as we have lots of plans for the Sysgen Media Image Calendar.