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Archive for November, 2011

Joomla! Store Locator v1.6.3 Released

We have release a minor release including some new features and bug fixes for the Joomla! Store Locator.

We have added the ability to filter from an unlimited number of categories on the front end. You can now also filter by a single category, or switch to check-box mode and allow selection of multiple categories during a single search.  We have also added the ability to insert a Joomla! Article above or below the map to add additional text or images to your page. These changes will allow greater flexibility in customizing the locator on your website.

Aside from enhancements we also fixed some bugs in this release. Google implemented a new version of the Google Maps JS API v2 which caused some issues when making queries, so we have implemented a fix for this problem. It only seems to have affected Joomla 1.7 users, and is critical for continued smooth operation of the Store Locator on your site. We also added the Joomla base url to AJAX calls to help in situations with uncommon SEO url’s and settings.

Joomla 1.7.3 and 1.5.25 security releases

The Joomla project just announced two new Security releases for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7 branches. Both releases are marked “High Priority – Core – Password Change Vulnerability”. Looking into the details, apparently it may be possible for someone to exploit the “Forgot Password” system to change a users password and gain access to the site.

In addition to the issue above, the 1.7.3 patch also includes another minor XSS security fix in the administration area and 77 bug fixes, so upgrade today.

Sysgen Media highly recommends that all users of Joomla upgrade to the latest release on their branch as soon as possible. We also maintain that users should generally keep up-to-date with all of the latest security releases for any open source software platform.

Sysgen Media is also able to help facilitate an update of your site. Rates vary depending on the version of Joomla you have currently as well as the size of the site and number of extensions that may be in use. If you are interested please contact us today.

Email Security Update

We have just completed implementation of SSL across all of our hosted email solutions. This includes SSL support for POP, IMAP and SMTP. We also launched our new Secure Webmail System!

To view the new webmail system, just go to mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM where YOURDOMAIN.COM is replaced with your actual domain name. For example: http://mail.sysgenmedia.net

This will allow all of our hosted email clients to enjoy the added benefit of encrypted secure email whether home or away. To use the new Secure email you will need to point your mail clients to use mail.sysgenmedia.com as your incoming and outgoing server. You will also need to enable SSL in your mail client and configure the ports accordingly. For more details please call our support number and someone will be happy to help you switch over.