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Archive for February, 2012

Joomla! Image Calendar v1.5.0 Released

Sysgen Media would like to announce the arrival of our latest Image Calendar app for Joomla!. The Sysgen Media Image Calendar v1.5.0 adds support for Joomla 2.5 while maintaining backwards compatibility for older releases as well.

This was a major Stability Release, fixing many bugs and quirks found while using the image calendar. Thanks to our community for helping squash those bugs! Keep the reports flowing in, and well keep squashing!

We also added some new requested functionality to this release. We added the ability to apply the changes to events rather than save and close being the only option. You can now add a category filter for the front end, as well as have larger lightbox images. In addition we added an “image lightbox only” mode if you want to hide the details of an event in the lightbox. Aside from these additions, various other parameters and settings we tweaked based on user feedback.

See the full changelog for details.

Joomla! Store Locator v1.7.5 Released

Sysgen Media is proud to announce the immediate availability of the next version of our Best Selling Component for Joomla!. The Joomla! Store Locator v1.7.5 adds a few major features as well as a host of bug fixes and compatibility updates. This version now includes support for Joomla! 2.5 as well as maintaining backwards compatibility for versions 1.6/1.6/1.7.

We added a Long Anticipated Tag manager System. You can now tag your locations with multiple tags defined in the admin area. Each tag can be assigned a unique icon allowing you to feature certain locations on the map with an icon that stands out. In addition you can now filter the search results by tags or hide the tag system completely. This is great for listing products and services that are at each location.

We also added another highly requested feature, Google Suggest. This will allow you to present the user with a choice of locations, should their search term be vague. For example, if you search Washington, did you mean the State, or Washington DC. This will help solve many issues with locations turning up no results when you know they exist in the database. This will also greatly help our international clients.

On top of these great features, we added many minor tweaks and enhancements including New Load Options, Updated Route Handling and many bug fixes. Check out the full changelog for additional details.