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Archive for August, 2014

Joomla! Store Locator v2.2.0 Released!

We are excited to announce the long awaited new release of our Store Locator for Joomla!  This includes many updates and bug fixes for all versions of Joomla! with the help of our great community.

Most notably, this release has several enhancements for our international users. You can now specify a base country in which all searches will be biased by.  This will help greatly with postal code ambiguity in countries like Australia and Germany. Alternatively you can also set a custom appended query string to all searches, which can further isolate your search area to a specific region.

The Map can now be set to any Google supported language localization, so all map text will follow your desired language as well.

We are also excited to include support in our Joomla 3.x versions for searching from the users current location.  When browser supported, the location of the user will be obtained with their consent and then be used to search for the nearest locations.

In addition to these great enhancements, many other changes can be found in our changelog.

With now over 5000 installations, don’t just take our word for it, check out the latest version of our Joomla! Maps Locator for your self!