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Category: Security Updates

We just have received final notice of shutdown of Google Maps API v2.

This means that if you are using an older application that uses google’s older API, such as our Store Locator prior to v1.7.0, then you will need to update to ensure continued operation of that application.

Here is the official notice:

As you may be aware, JavaScript Maps API v2 was scheduled for shutdown on May 19, 2013. After listening to feedback from developers we decided to extend the deprecation timeline by six months, to November 19, 2013 to allow more time for migration to v3 of the API.

On November 19, 2013 we will deploy a JavaScript wrapper that attempts to automagically turn remaining v2 maps into v3 maps. Though we expect this wrapper to work for most simple maps, we cannot guarantee that your maps will continue to function. We therefore highly recommend that you migrate to v3 before November 19. The good news is that Google Maps JavaScript API v3 is more robust and feature rich than v2, and we’ve written a guide to assist the migration.


Google Maps API Developer Relations


The Joomla project just announced two new Security releases for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7 branches. Both releases are marked “High Priority – Core – Password Change Vulnerability”. Looking into the details, apparently it may be possible for someone to exploit the “Forgot Password” system to change a users password and gain access to the site.

In addition to the issue above, the 1.7.3 patch also includes another minor XSS security fix in the administration area and 77 bug fixes, so upgrade today.

Sysgen Media highly recommends that all users of Joomla upgrade to the latest release on their branch as soon as possible. We also maintain that users should generally keep up-to-date with all of the latest security releases for any open source software platform.

Sysgen Media is also able to help facilitate an update of your site. Rates vary depending on the version of Joomla you have currently as well as the size of the site and number of extensions that may be in use. If you are interested please contact us today.

We have just completed implementation of SSL across all of our hosted email solutions. This includes SSL support for POP, IMAP and SMTP. We also launched our new Secure Webmail System!

To view the new webmail system, just go to mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM where YOURDOMAIN.COM is replaced with your actual domain name. For example: http://mail.sysgenmedia.net

This will allow all of our hosted email clients to enjoy the added benefit of encrypted secure email whether home or away. To use the new Secure email you will need to point your mail clients to use mail.sysgenmedia.com as your incoming and outgoing server. You will also need to enable SSL in your mail client and configure the ports accordingly. For more details please call our support number and someone will be happy to help you switch over.