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Popups, Flash, and Intro Pages, oh my!

So after a brief blogging hiatus to get some actual work done (which it turns out is necessary to run a business), I’m back on the blogging bandwagon. In the last few weeks I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration however, so expect to see posts a bit more frequently again!

Which brings me to a conversation I was having with a new client a couple of weeks ago in which he asked my opinion on pop-ups on websites. To be honest, as a website user they annoy me, and I said so. He completely agreed and gave me a great analogy that I’d like to pass along.

What’s great is that it’s an analogy that applies not only to popups, but also to excessive use of Flash transitions on a site and to those silly entry pages that have a “Skip Intro” link on them.

To roughly quote the client: When I see popups, it feels like I’m walking into a store and getting rushed by 5 salesmen.

And he’s right. It’s annoying. What I thought about myself when he mentioned this was walking through the perfume / jewelry / makeup section of department stores where there seems to be a person every 5 feet with a perfume trying to get you to make eye contact so that they can suggest you try their perfume / jewelry / eyeliner. How frustrating is that when you just want to get to a different part of the store to pick up what you actually want?

We just want information!

If someone is visiting your business’s website, they’re most likely there for information about your product or services. That Flash intro / transition or popup is just delaying that process. Avoid the temptation to use them on your website!

If you want to highlight something on your website, design the site so that area draws your visitors’ eyes.

Don’t annoy them with unnecessary delays. Remember: Sometimes Less is More.

As always, if you have any questions or are interested in help getting your website started or improved upon, feel free to get in touch with me either at nlandis@sysgenmedia.com or (631) 343-2211!

Truth on Twitter: No Website, No Business!

Just a quick update, which I meant to write about yesterday but ran out of time.

I’ve been attempting to actually be active with our Twitter account (follow us!) recently for various reasons, and in doing so, I stumbled upon a message from someone I don’t know, and who doesn’t appear to be working directly in the web design industry.

To quote lacefaced:

When a company doesn’t have a website (and myspace doesn’t count), I don’t want to give them my business.

This is the point that I’ve been trying to get across to all of the businesses (and just about everyone else) that I’ve spoken to lately, a point which many simply don’t seem to understand. I’ve heard a lot of excuses, everything from “I don’t have the money right now” (somewhat understandable, given the current economic situation) to “I’m just a small business, I don’t need a website.”

But let’s re-read the quote, just so that it can completely sink in:
When a company doesn’t have a website (and myspace doesn’t count), I don’t want to give them my business.

This is the attitude that’s being adopted by more and more people of all ages. It’s not just the youngsters anymore. It’s not just the 20 somethings that, when they go looking for a company and find either just a MySpace page or nothing at all, simply won’t give that company their business. It’s almost everyone.

Not having a website makes it look like you don’t care about your company. And if you don’t care about your company, how can you care about your product?

Having only a myspace page is like you having your 3 year old niece decorate your storefront with cardboard, crayons, glue, and macaroni noodles.

Businesses need to realize that their situation online is now going to affect their business whether they want it to or not. Even if you aren’t selling on the internet, be sure to have a website for your business, and that it properly reflects your business! Let people know who you are, what your products and services are, when you’re open, and how to contact you!

Ignore the internet at the peril of your business!

Contact me today at nlandis@sysgenmedia.com or (631) 343-2211 to find out how I can help you build the website that will recapture the business that you’re losing without it!