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Marketing Your Website: Show Your URL!

Hi folks,

So I spent this Sunday with Matt and Jared at the Cow Harbor Day festival in Northport, NY. This was our first year attending this awesome event, and we had a booth on Main Street, in a prime location both for people to walk by and so that we had a great view of the bovine-themed parade!

Besides the parade, there were games, food, and plenty of vendors with everything from arts and crafts to landscaping displays and even some local politicians showed up.

But it was the vendors that really caught my eye.

We’ve been to a few similar events lately in order to spread the word about our great web development company, and we’ve found that we’ve gotten as much work from the other vendors as we have from the people who attend these events. This makes a certain amount of sense, since the other vendors are pretty much guaranteed to be business owners and potentially have a need for a website.

So, despite the rather gloomy, rainy weather, I took some time out of our booth to go speak with the other vendors. What I found amazed me. Well over half of the vendors who weren’t publicizing their website on their various marketing materials actually has a website!

This just boggles my mind.

These are businesses that have likely paid good money to have a website built for their business (unless they had “The Nephew” build their site for a case of beer [more on this phenomenon in a future post), and yet when I pointed out that their marketing materials didn’t have their website url on it they were generally surprised and hadn’t even thought about it.

It wasn’t even a thought to put their phone number on their cards or their trucks, but they didn’t even consider their website url!

Just because you have a website does not mean that anyone will visit it. Your website is like one really cool tree in the middle of a vast forest. If you want someone to find it, you had better give them some good directions to get there!

Sure, you can pay a company like us to do a Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization campaign for your website (and I recommend that you do!).  And it will be incredibly effective at bringing your site traffic.

But you also need to include your url in all of your marketing materials!

My Sysgen Media Business Card

My Sysgen Media Business Card

Our Current Sysgen Media Marketing Flyer

Our Current Sysgen Media Marketing Flyer

Why wouldn’t you? It’s one more way to bring potential customers to your website!!


I’m not really sure how I stumbled across this wonderful, simple tool, but SEOFeast (seofeast.com) has been an incredible resource to me in the last few days. It a website that packs a whole lot of functionality into it’s single page, yet remains lightweight, well-designed, and uncluttered.

The page is essentially just a tool to check out information related to SEO about any website with just a few clicks. Simply type in the domain you want info on, and select any of the various types of information you want. Some examples of what is available are: Yahoo! Incoming links, Google Incoming Links, Google Pagerank, Domain Age, and Whois info. Interestingly, they also have tools that will validate your html via W3C and your CSS.

Maybe one of the coolest features though, is that they’ll display a history of each statistic you request from them. For example, here is a screenshot, and an enlarged photo of a search of Yahoo! Incoming Links for SysgenMedia.com:

Inbound Link History from Yahoo! for SysgenMedia.com

Enlarged view of the SEOFeast info

Overall, SEOFeast isn’t offering any new, groundbreaking tools… and it isn’t even offering any services that are difficult to find for free elsewhere. But what it does do is place all of these tools at your fingertips on a single page instead of making you track down the various pages where you would normally need to go to find all of this disparate info.

So, for all of us out there, I’d like to thank the guys over at SEOFeast for a job well done. Keep up the good work guys!